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We are the design architects responsible for the adaptive reuse of Atturaif in the First Saudi State, Dirriyah, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Dirriyah is a large, walled, earth city that was once the thriving first capital of Saudi Arabia before its destruction by the invading Egyptian army in 1818.  The buildings have survived in various stages of ruin since that time with some areas of 20th Century reoccupation.  Some buildings have recently been restored and/or reconstructed.  The majesty of some of the buildings can still be understood with their high fortified walls still standing tall whilst others have crumpled to the ground.


This project involves restoring and reconstructing a number of buildings and precincts within the city of Dirriyah to house a contemporary museum exploring the history of the site, its buildings and palaces, and the earth architecture of the city.

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